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HomeATM ePayment Solutions, is a leading provider of secure hardware and software solutions. The Safe-T-PIN point of sale terminal, manufactured by HomeATM, is the first ever Internet PIN entry device (PED) PCI certification 2.x. The Safe-T-PIN™ provides secure multi-factor authentication for eCommerce and mCommerce transactions and secure log-in, including;

  • Device Level 3DES Encryption
  • 4-Factor AuthenticationFraud Reduction/Elimination
  • Quick and Cost Effective
  • Credit and Debit transaction agnostic

HomeATM's PCI PED certified device and patented solution; is portable, cost effective, secure with instantaneous implementation and completely ubiquitous (integration into any processing platform). Just like the grocery store, gas pump or bank, users simply swipe their card and enter their PIN to authenticate themselves. Merchants can confidently process orders knowing that this method of authentication to represents the lowest fraud risk of any transaction and therefore help provide the lowest fees saving them countless dollars each month. The process is adaptable to niche applications that extend its reach beyond simply online commerce, specifically.

  • Line Busting in traditional brick and mortar retail
  • Person to Person (P2P)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • On line banking, authentication
  • Field Services (food delivery, MLM, home sales, taxi, etc)
  • Prepaid, gift card, stored value and payroll card fund loading
  • The most cost efficient POS hardware available

The cardholder and their card are present in all scenarios driving increased security, fraud reduction, and favorable interchange rates.


Using impregnable, unimpeachable security we eliminate fraud in the ePayment ecosystem. HomeATM’s secure architecture is bank and military grade insuring the highest integrity behind every transaction.

Defend Against Hackers who can easily

Defend Against Hackers who can easily:
  • Screenscrape
  • Phish
  • Mouseclick log
  • Key-log
  • Install malware

Security experts unanimously agree that the Safe-T-PIN is the only secure means of using a PIN on the internet – “swipe, encrypt and transmit”.

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